E.V. Day, Seducers Series, 2010

In conjunction with the recent exhibition of E.V. Day’s Divas Ascending at the Kentucky Center for the Arts, Proof on Main is pleased to present Seducers, a solo exhibition of E.V. Day’s most recent photographic work.

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The Seducers Series originates from Day’s three-month exploration during the summer of 2010 as artist in residence at Claude Monet’s estate in Giverny, France. There she followed the gardeners on their daily pruning rounds, collecting blooms they’d clipped at the flowers’ visual peak. The most arresting of these specimens were then pressed in a microwave, scanned digitally and printed on photo paper at 18 times their original size. The electric, vibrant colors of the flowers in the images are accurate but each image is manipulated by taking exactly half the image, and mirroring it, thereby forcing a perfect symmetry upon the natural geometry of each flower.

Day writes, “In each of the Seducers, whether a peony, a water lily, [both of which are on display in the large 72 inch size] or a clematis, I wanted to give the viewer the perspective of an insect hovering in front of it. And in making it symmetrically perfect—akin to Hermann Rorschach’s ink-blotter tests—I wanted to enhance the almost kaleidoscopic sense of motion I found at the flower’s center. Stand before these images and watch what appears: faces and masks; mammals and insects; religious iconography: altars, angels, Shivas, chalices, mandalas; patterns and forms that suggest baroque and art nouveau. The elegance of the flowers when flattened and scaled up becomes awesome, fleshy and even monstrous. I think of each of the Seducers as a portal into the startling intelligence found in a mindless organism.”

Exhibited Works

  • Peony # 1/5 – 72 x 72″, Courtesy of the artist and Carolina Nitsch Gallery, NY
  • Water Lilly # 4/5 – 72 x 72″, Collection of Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson
  • 3 Images from Seducer I set # 7/8 – each 32 x 32″, Courtesy of the artist and Carolina Nitsch Gallery, NY
  • 3 Images from Seducer II set # 1/8 – each 32 x 32″, Courtesy of the artist and Carolina Nitsch Gallery, NY