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Recipe: Smoke Rings


Inspired by 21c Louisville‘s site-specific installation Cloud Rings by Ned Kahn, this bourbon cocktail is complex and layered. Like Kahn’s work, the flavors in this cocktail take on subtle differences depending on the season or what you’re pairing it with.

1.5 oz Lapsang Souchong/Buffalo Trace

.75 oz Ramazotti

.75 oz PF Dry Curacao

1 spritz of absinthe

Stir, strain into a rocks glass over 1 large cube. Flame an orange peel and discard peel.

To create the bourbon infusion: 

33 grams Loose-leaf Lapsang Souchong

1L Buffalo Trace Bourbon

Cold steep for exactly 10 min. Funnel through cheesecloth back into the empty Buffalo Trace bottle.